Upcoming Release: The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove by Rob Watts


April 22, 2015

So fingers crossed, it looks as though the snow is finally in the rear view for all of us here in the northeast. While stranded in my ice castle during the last several months, I’ve managed to put the finishing touches on my forthcoming novel and its accompanying soundtrack album. I’m pleased to announce that The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove will be released this June as a special edition hardcover book & CD. The official date will be announced in May, along with a cover reveal. 

The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove is a new novel based on the previous three-volume novella series released between 2011-2014. Those books, as some of you know, were limited to 250 physical copies and (with the exception of Left-Hand Path) have since sold out. There is a limited amount of Left-Hand Path Hardcover/CD copies available here. Huldufolk and CRABAPPLES from the series are still available in digital form, but are set to be deleted from the Ocean View Press catalog upon the release of Crooked Roads. 

Pre-orders for the book will begin soon. All copies will be signed and will include a 20 song soundtrack CD performed and composed by yours truly. You’ll also have a chance to buy copies in person before the official release date, as there will be a select amount of signing appearances scheduled prior to release. Dates and locations will be announced soon. That’s it for now. Until next post! Stay safe—Rob


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