Books & Music

SNOWPOCALYPSE by Rob Watts & Susan Saunders (A Children’s Book with full-color illustrations)
Walter Applethorpe daydreams his way through his Science lesson, that is, until his teacher warns him about the upcoming Science test and that he’d better study hard. Hoping to avoid studying, Walter wishes for a snow day out loud, and to his surprise, his wish is granted.
Unfortunately, his wish brings more snow than his little town can handle, and it’s up to Walter to save the day. Buy Here
Left-Hand Path (The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove Volume 3) by Rob Watts
Traumatized by the events of a horrific early-morning car accident, a Cedar Grove police officer returns to his home, only to be faced with the dilemma of comforting a suicidal intruder. Meanwhile, a local cult has been in search of new members while plotting vengeance towards some neighborhood wrongdoers.  ! Buy Here !
CRABAPPLES (The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove Volume 2) by Rob Watts
Seventeen year old Kathleen was new to the small town of Cedar Grove, Massachusetts. Pretty and intelligent, she was a normal teen who enjoyed the same things as her new peers. Kathleen, however, had a dark secret, which partitioned her from her fellow classmates. Once her secret was known, some local bullies took a disliking to Kathleen and made life in her new town a living hell. The bullies, however, had soon discovered that they’d tortured the wrong person, and one by one, had paid the ultimate price. SOLD OUT!!
Huldufolk (The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove Volume 1) by Rob Watts
Newlyweds Jeffrey and Susie Hill travel to Iceland for their honeymoon in search of adventure and relaxation. It’s a magical getaway for the two of them, but when some new local friends introduce them to the mythology of Iceland’s Huldufólk, their honeymoon in Iceland offers them more than they bargained for. Certain that the tale of huldufólk is purely myth, the couple return to their newly-purchased New England home, only to fear they have brought back more than just souvenirs home with them. SOLD OUT!!
Carman by Rob Watts (Buy Here for 99 Cents)
A late night drive turns troublesome when Bill, a successful bank executive decides to pick up a seemingly harmless teenage girl stranded on a desolate country road. Their conversation begins innocently enough but when the teenage passenger informs him of her sinister intentions, Bill must make a quick decision that could save his marriage or cost him everything. Buy Here

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