Intro to Alien Invasion: Book Signing & Review

Review and photos by Rob Watts. Follow @RobWattsOnline

Intro to Alien Invasion by Owen King, Mark Jude Poirier and Nancy Ahn.

Stretching their wings as a collaborative team, novelist Owen King, novelist/screenwriter Mark Jude Poirier and illustrator Nancy Ahn bound together to create Intro to Alien Invasion, available now via Scribner. The graphic novel is a humorous tale of college campus life at the fictional Fenton College in which college student and overachiever Stacey experiences a communication collapse on her campus just as an alien invasion is happening. With her friends in tow, they must battle to survive the unannounced visit of the aliens. 

The story is entertaining and well-executed, while the graphic design is beautifully crafted, easily interpreted and well-paced. As far as graphic novels go, this one is perfect for gift giving, bathroom reading or just general escapism at various points of your day. 
I was fortunate enough to attend a local book signing in which all three collaborators were present. Author’s Owen King and Mark Jude Poirier read humorous manifestos recalling their own fictitious (I assume) recollection of the initial pitch to produce this novel. Illustrator Nancy Ahn provided the actual storyboard stills used in the novel for viewing to anyone in attendance. The three were all very informative, entertaining and charming. The project appears to have been a great deal of fun for the collaborative. I wish them luck with it.

Illustrator Nancy Ahn, author Mark Jude Poirier and author Own King

More information on the book and purchasing detail can be found at Owen King’s Website


Rob Watts Signs His Latest Novel in Danvers, MA

Rob behind his table w/ The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove

Rob Watts appeared at the 2015 New England Author Expo in Danvers, Massachusetts on July 29th. Couldn’t make it out that night? The latest novel The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove can be purchased directly, signed by the author and delivered to you in a matter of a few days. Books can be ordered here! 


With friend Tanya Gold from Tanya Gold Editing


w/ friend and author Stacey Longo


Rob Watts at Peabody Institute Library (Book Signing.)


Thanks to those who came out for the June 4th signing of Rob Watts’ The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove. Was great meeting so many nice people as well as many talented authors from the area. Couldn’t make it out that night? You can purchase copies of The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove (Book & CD) at and


Cover Reveal: The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove! 

Cover Design by Nicolene Lorette Design

My latest project, The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove, will be released on June 30th. This Thriller/Mystery is based on my previous three-book-at-a-time novella series, which started back in 2011. For those unfamiliar with that series, it consisted of three standalone tales set against the backdrop of Cedar Grove, Massachusetts, a fictional New England town. Each story focused on a different protagonist, faced with their own personal conflicts. Each story, however, tied together with the next in ways known only to me at the time, as each novella was left with a cliffhanger ending. Now, all the answers are revealed, and through this reimagined telling of those three accounts, you’re sure to enjoy your adventure through the crooked roads through Cedar Grove! 

The cover design was performed by Nicolene Lorette Design. Readers of my previous release, Left-Hand Path, will be familiar with Nicolene’s work as she had done the cover art for that project. 

There’s an unsettling anomaly dwelling in the picturesque New England town of Cedar Grove. Kathleen, a seventeen-year-old newcomer to the town, is harassed and bullied by her classmates. Alex and Bethany purchase a beautiful home for well-below its value, only to discover that the reduced price offers them more than they bargained for. Brian develops an infatuation with a girl he finds online, but she’s not who he expects. There is a sinister presence silently twisting their fates together on the crooked roads through Cedar Grove.

In addition to the story, this Casebound Special Edition includes a 20 song soundtrack of original music written, composed and performed by yours truly. If you enjoyed suspenseful film scores from the late 70s and early 80s (think Howard Shore, John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream), then you’ll most likely enjoy the accompanying soundtrack of hypnotic, kaleidoscopic music. 

“The Crooked Roads” will be available in select stores June 30th. Pre-orders for the book will begin next week online at Ocean View Press. Pre-orders will be offered at a discounted price before the official release date and will include a very special gift. Don’t miss out! 

Can’t wait until June 30th? 

I’ll be on hand signing copies of the new book/CD at the following venues beforehand:

June 4th- The Peabody Institute Library of Danvers in Danvers, MA

June 20th- Nashua Public Library in Nashua, NH

June 27th- New Jersey Comic & Anime in Morristown, NJ

If you live nearby, stop by and have your copy signed! Until, next post—happy weekend! 


Rob Watts will be signing books in Danvers, MA July 29th


Rob Watts will be appearing at the annual 2015 New England Authors Expo in Danvers, Massachusetts inside the beautiful Danversport Yacht Club. The event will be held between 4PM-9PM and will feature live music, cash bar and various authors and publishers from the New England area. Free admission and Free parking. The event is sponsored by Pear Tree Publishing. 

Rob Watts is the author of three previous novellas, Huldufolk (2011), CRABAPPLES (2013) and Left-Hand Path (2014.)  His short story Carman (2012) is currently available on Kindle. Watts is also the composer of his book soundtracks, which are included inside his novellas. He’s also the co-founder of Waunders Children’s Books along with author Susan Saunders. They’ve collaborated on the children’s book SNOWPOCALYPSE (2013) as well as Saunders’ solo release Beach Boogie & the Clam Jams (2014) His latest suspense novel The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove will be released in a Deluxe Casebound/CD edition on June 29th, 2015. 

Come meet Rob at the New England Author Expo and check for upcoming dates and book purchasing details at


Rob Watts to appear at NJ Comic & Anime June 27th

 For his upcoming book signing tour for The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove, Rob Watts will hit up the NJ Comic & Anime Convention in Morristown, New Jersey happening June 27th. Watts will be on hand to sign his novel/CD which will be available this summer. Accompanying Watts will be his Waunders collaborator Susan Saunders as they will also be signing their illustrated children’s books. For more information on the convention, visit their website.  For more on Rob Watts, visit

Courtesy of NJ Comic & Anime